IKK's Paddle Chips

Paddle Chip products, as one category of IKK’s abrasion-resistant cast iron products family, are made of TAK which has been proprietarily developed based on Chromium Molybdenum Steel. The products have greatly improved abrasion-resistant property which brings extended Chip life, expecting prolonged replacement intervals.

Following types are available:
- Paddle Chips Type BD: Concealed mounting bolts
- Paddle Chips Type T: Semi-concealed mounting bolts
- Paddle Chips/Flat type: Ultra-hard bolt

Principal Benefits of IKK's Paddle Chips

- IKK provides high quality products of excellent abrasion-resistant property.
- IKK is ready for high-mix, low-volume production.
- Consumable parts for typical mixing machines are regularly in inventory.
- An off-the-shelf delivery system is established for any quantity.
- IKK is fully flexible in providing solutions with new designs, manufacturing and improvements to customers who respectively have own circumstances.

Examples of Abrasive-Resistant Cast Iron Products IKK has manufactured.

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  • casa03_027.JPG
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  • casa03_023.JPG
  • casa03_016.JPG
  • casa03_003.JPG
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  • casa03_028.JPG
  • casa03_022.JPG
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  • casa03_025.JPG
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  • casa03_030.JPG
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