Main Features of SEC Series

- Compact Design
- Suspendible from Ceiling
- Built-in Safeguard

SEC Series are Electrostatic Precipitators in which fine particles in the gas is adsorbed by Plasma Ions by applying high voltage.

IKK selects most suitable Dust Collector and design entire equipment, conducting thorough investigation in advance about characteristics of the dust such as physical properties and concentration. Feel free to contact us for inquiries.

Specifications of SEC Series

Compact Electrostatic Precipitator Product Specifications
Objectives Fume, Oil Mist
Flowrate 15 to 60m3/min

Typical Applications of SEC Series

In the field of manufacturing plant, especially
- Fumes generated by welding or the like work
- Oil mist due to cutting
as well worsen the atmosphere in the factory, and will adversely affect the workers building the inner wall, and floor.
It is most suitable for the improvement of such a factory environment.

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