Main Features of Various Metal Beads

- Beads for surface treatment of small lot trial production are manufactured in induction furnaces of 300kg and 25kg.
- Many achievements in this area producing alloy particles of stainless steel, high carbon steel, etc.
- Very fine spherically shaped particles are available.

Specifications of Various Metal Beads

Various Metal Beads (Examples of materials experienced for production)
Stainless Steel
High Carbon Steel (C≦5%)
High Carbon Fe-Cr (C≦6%, Cr≦60%)
Low Carbon Fe-Si (Si≦10%)
High Carbon Fe (Standard Specimen for Analysis)
Fe - Ni
Fe - Cu
Fe - B (B≦15%)
Fe - Si - B (Si≦10%, B≦10%)
Fe - P - C (≦10%, C≦3%)
Fe - Cr - B
Fe - Mn - Cr
Fe - Si - Mn - Al
Ni - Cr
Ni - Cr - Si - B
Al - Si
Al - Zn
Al - Ti
Al - Mg (Mg≦5%)
Al - Cu (Cu≦50%)
Al - Ni (Ni≦50%)
Al - Mn
Al - Si - Bi
Zn - Al

Note: Contact for details such as materials or particle sizes.

Typical Applications of Various Metal Beads

- Thermal Spraying
- As Standard Specimens for Analysis
- As Filler Materials

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