Main Features of Stainless Steel Beads

Very fine and spherically-shaped stainless steel particles manufactured by the exclusive Nitrogen Gas Atomizing method.

Specifications of Stainless Steel Beads

Stainless Steel Beads Product Specifications
Chemical Composition C: 0.25%
Si: 1.20%
Mn: 0.90%
Ni: 9.00%
Cr: 19.00%
Particle Size BPS040:500~300μm
BPS150:150~ 50μm
Hardness 240~350Hv Packaging Specification 20kg paper bag /cardboard box

Typical Applications of Stainless Steel Beads

- Blast Cleaning
of aluminum and stainless steel products, molds, small springs and similar.

Also applicable as material for thermal spraying (metallikon).

Measurement Results about Stainless Steel Beads

Comparison of Wearout Rate between Glass Beads and Stainless Steel Beads

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Stainless Steel Beads have a very long lifetime because they are unbreakable, unlike Glass Beads.
In the example shown in the upper diagram, the lifetime of Stainless Steel Beads is approximately 70 times that of Glass Beads.
Stainless Steel Beads have gained a good reputation for cost reduction as well as eco-friendliness because of their low waste generation.

Correlation between Particle Size and Surface Roughness

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Correlation between Particle Size and Residual Stress

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