IKK's Cast Iron Parts for Asphalt Mixers

- IKK has extensive experience in the manufacturing and sales of abrasion-resistant cast iron products used for mulling machines and crushing machines in every department of industry.

- These abrasion-resistant cast iron products for Asphalt Mixers (Mulling Machines) include Paddletips, Blades, Arms, Liners, Sealing Parts and others.

- To meet customers’ demands, IKK uses the most adequate manufacturing process such as sandmold, V-process, shell mold, lost wax, stainless plate working, etc.

Principal Benefits of IKK's Cast Iron Parts for Asphalt Mixers

IKK attentively listens to customers' demands and reflects them in design, manufacturing and improvement.

- IKK is prepared to high-mix low-volume production.

- IKK’s cast iron products are excellent in abrasive-resistance property.

Examples of Abrasive-Resistant Cast Iron Products IKK has manufactured.

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  • casa03_028.JPG
  • casa03_022.JPG
  • casa03_018.JPG
  • casa03_007.JPG
  • casa03_025.JPG
  • casa03_029.JPG
  • casa03_030.JPG
  • casa03_012.JPG
  • casa03_009.JPG
  • casa03_015.JPG

Excellent Abrasion-Resistant Performance

Excellent Abrasion-Resistant Performance

Material Hardness (HB) Abrasion Loss*
Cr-Mo Cast Iron 712 28
High-Cr Cast Iron 653 48
White Cast Iron 444 100
*White Cast Iron as criterion.

Visible Difference

Above two products were used in the same mulling machine, at the corner of either side.

Period: approx. 11 months
Quantity: approx. 63,000tons

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