Main Features of Steel Beads

- Ultramicro, spherically-shaped particles made by the Nitrogen Gas Atomizing method.
- Great effect in surface peening for precision metal parts.

Shot peening treatment with Steel Beads will increase strength of metal parts, reducing needs of parts enlargement for strengthening purposes.

Specifications of Steel Beads

Steel Beads Product Specifications
Chemical Composition C :1.00%
Particle Size BPC040:500~300μm
BPC150:150~ 50μm
BPC300:70μm or smaller
Hardness 700Hv or greater Packaging Specification 20kg paper bag /cardboard box

Typical Applications of Steel Beads

- Peening
- Grinding/Cleaning
- Satin processing and pre-treatment

Also applicable in many other fields.

Measurement Results about Steel Beads

Measured Data of Residual Stress

Measured Data of Residual Stress

By shot peening process, a large residual stress is given to 10µm depth from surface.

Measured Chart of Surface Roughness

Measured Chart of Surface Roughness

Surface roughness of approximately Ra 0.2 remains even after shot peening treatment.

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