IKK's Cast Iron Parts for Electric Power Generation / Steelwork Plants

- IKK has manufactured and delivered abrasive-resistant cast iron products for use in power plants, steelwork plants, non-utility power generation facilities of chemical plants, etc.

- IKK also has extensive experience on vent pipes, wear liners and ceramic processing for conveyor system for pulverized coal, ash disposal, sand, metal cutting powder, etc.

- To fulfill customers’ needs, IKK utilizes various manufacturing processes such as sandmold, V-process, shell mold, lost wax, stainless plate working, etc.

Principal Benefits of IKK's Cast Iron Parts for Electric Power Generation / Steelwork Plants

IKK attentively listens to customers’ demands and reflects them in the design, manufacturing and improvement stages of development.

- IKK is flexible in lower volume production and provides customers with a quick and detailed follow-up.

- IKK’s cast iron products excel in their abrasive-resistance property.

- Overseas shipping available: export and import.

Examples of Abrasive-Resistant Cast Iron Products IKK has manufactured.

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  • casa03_021.JPG
  • casa03_006.JPG
  • casa03_014.JPG
  • casa03_035.JPG
  • casa03_023.JPG
  • casa03_016.JPG
  • casa03_003.JPG
  • casa03_020.JPG
  • casa03_026.JPG
  • casa03_028.JPG
  • casa03_022.JPG
  • casa03_018.JPG
  • casa03_007.JPG
  • casa03_025.JPG
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