Main Features of IRH Series

- Objects hooked to a hanger autorotate and receive shot blast processing.
- Objects will be finished very efficiently and effectively in the spatially limited blasting chamber.
- Dual chamber structure allows background processing; while an object is set/detached in the front chamber, shot blast can be processed in the other chamber in the back side.
- Idle time can be minimized for maximized productivity and economical value.
- Impellers made of abrasion-resistant cast metal leveraging IKK’s long experience.
- Every chamber is abundantly lined with abrasive-resistant sheet steel to gain excellent durability.
- Projection chamber is located in the opposite side of a double shielding and this prevents risk of shot particle scattering.
- Neatly designed external appearance with 1-box structure.
- 3-position stopping feature is equipped and reduces shot leftovers by tridirectional projection..

Applications of IRH Series

- Deburring of aluminum die-cast made products
- Descaling for forged cast products
- Paint peel-off
- Deburring of pressed products

Optional Features provided for IRH Series

Customized machines with a different number of stations and/or impellers are being fabricated one after another.
Other optional features can be attached upon customers’ requests such as:

- Increased Safety Explosion Proof Dust Collector
- Automatic Calcium Carbonate Charging Equipment
- CO₂ Fire Extinguishing Equipment

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