Main Features of IDFN Series

- Features shot blast method suited for removing rust and scale in previous processing of wire rod drawing.

- Structural materials of projection chamber consist of much abrasion-resistant castings and special wear-resistant steel sheets.

- A cassette guide (3-surface enclosing protection cover) for each projection device is equipped to protect exterior wall panels.

- Very robust structure.

- Great maintainability is ensured by enabling easy desorption and replacement of expendable parts.

- Service life of expendable parts can be managed by a touch-operation control panel which indicates the best times for replacement.

- Functional extensions are available as options.

Note: Beware of sound.

Specifications of IDFN Series

IDFN Series Descaling Machines Product Specifications
Model/Type #IDFN2025III-PL
Multi-Rod Descaler
Applicable Diameter of Material φ5.5 - 40mm φ20 - 90mm φ30 - 150mm φ5.5 - 40mm φ20 - 200mm
Processing Speed 20 - 100m/min 10 - 50m/min 4 - 40m/min 20 - 120m/min 2 - 20m/min
Impeller Power 4x 4Px 15-30kw 4x 4Px 22-37kw 4x 4Px 22-37kw 6x 4Px 22-30kw 6x 4Px 22-30kw
Airflow of Dust Collector 50㎥/min 75㎥/min 100㎥/min 100㎥/min 100㎥/min
External Dimensions (Length) 3,640mm 3,300mm 5,900mm 4,100mm 4,450mm
(Width) 1,710mm 1,700mm 1,620mm 2,800mm 4,000mm
(Height) 4,520mm 4,450mm 4,030mm 4,610mm 5,730mm
Path Line: A 1,000mm 1,200mm 1,315mm 1,000mm 1,000mm
Pit Depth: B - 600mm 685mm 1,100mm 2000mm

Applications of IDFN Series

- Rust removal and descaling of wire rod materials in the previous process of drawing
- Rust removal of automotive coil spring
- Secondary processing of wire materials such as printer shaft

Optional Features provided for IDFN Series

IKK is flexible enough to meet customers’ needs by adding various options.

- Variable Rev Speed Control for Projection Device
- Automatic Blasting Volume Control Device
- Automatic Shot Supply System
- Centralized Refueling Mechanism
- Bucket Elevator Rotation Detector Device
- Hopper Tank Shot Volume Detector Device
- Calcium Carbonate Charging Device (as a Fire Control for the Dust Collector)
- CO₂ Fire Extinguishing Device (as a Fire Control for the Dust Collector)
- Secondary Filter Device (for Purifying Exhaust)

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